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Paid Installation Support / Consultancy - from £250

Whilst iCritique is free (under the GNU GPL licence), you may require assistance and support in setting up an iCritique community. Steve O'Hear (an ITC consultant and the original iCritique developer) is available to help with your installation, and can offer further training and consultancy - on a daily rate basis.

Installation and support to get you up and running will cost from as little as £250 (this would include helping to find a suitable web host or working with your own provider).

Other additional consultancy services on offer include:
  • Digital Video INSET - the skills required to use DV in the classroom
  • Onsite technical training covering video export, uploading, and iCritique administration
  • Support in developing cross-curiuculum pedagogical approaches to the use of digital video
  • Using iCritique to develop an online learning community

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