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iCritique – Digital Video in the Classroom Reaches Critical Mass.
by Steve O'Hear

As teachers and students become more adept at the planning, capturing, and editing of digital content, what tools might be needed to fully exploit and support learning opportunities and raise the quality of work produced? An important factor in the success of Digital Video (DV) in the classroom is that students benefit from a sense of audience, and are able to give and receive critical feedback. All writers write for an audience and video authors are no different.

In considering this problem, I proposed developing a tool that:

- Simplifies the publication of DV work online
- Facilitates feedback and discussion from peer learners, teachers and a wider audience
- Supports a model of a learning community

I conclude by suggesting that whilst it is impossible to predict the many possible future uses for tools like iCritique, what is clear is that software which supports the publication and dissemination of learner produced content will encourage a more complete approach to exploiting the Internet and digital technology.

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It's vital to put in place systems that allow finished work to be broadcast on the school network or the internet or shown on the big screen. Without an audience, using DV might just be the expensive digital equivalent of writing for the wastepaper bin.

John Davitt, The Guardian