iCritique - view and discuss media online

Introducing iCritique

iCritique is a web application (developed by Steve O'Hear) that allows for the creation of an online community of viewers. Put simply, it’s an online tool that streamlines the process of publishing and viewing Digital Video work on the Internet, and that easily enables online discussions of the work published.

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Typical Workflow

- A teacher or media technician uploads finished student work and enters additional information into the iCritique database; such as the name of the author, a short description and category

- Once uploaded, the work becomes available via iCritique’s media browser, from which registered users can choose to view the work, start a new discussion topic or contribute to an existing discussion.

- Topics of particular interest can then be added to a user’s ‘watch list’ so that they will be informed by email next time someone contributes to that discussion.

- Designated users can be given moderator status, whereby they can edit or delete inappropriate topics and comments.

A Relational Approach

At the heart of iCritique is the application’s ability to centrally organise and categorise media into a database, and automatically create asynchronous discussion areas that are directly linked to individual media assets. This ‘relational’ approach helps to focus dialogue between users and encourage discussions that do not stray ‘off topic’.

A Learning Community

iCritique uses a community model in the way it manages users: Before interacting with iCritique, users are asked to sign up by creating an account, which involves choosing a username, optionally including a brief passage about themselves, and a homepage address. This approach ensures that users build up a history of contributions to iCritique discussions, and over time, create a virtual identity within this bounded community.

To further add to this sense of community, iCritique includes a general discussion area where users can discuss non-media specific topics and share technical support. In addition, the iCritique administrator has the option of making community announcements via a central mailing list of all members.

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iCritique 2.0 highlights:

- Easy to install and manage.

- Administrators can organise and publish media online, within user-defined categories.

- Each media asset has its own embedded discussion area to encourage focussed dialogue and critique.

- An enhanced media browser delivers a more streamlined and scalable User Interface.

- Uses a community based model including: user sign ups, administrator privelleges, user profiles and a community discussion area.

- Members can add topics to their own 'discussion watch list' whereby they are alerted to new contributions via email.